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Malawi Africa

The night before Danny Cleave ever met his wife Carissa, The Lord gave Pastor Tim a dream about them in Africa together. A few years later, that dream became a reality when they took their first mission trip to Malawi.  The Lord has very clearly called Danny and Carissa to Malawi to spread the Gospel and help establish Churches. The Cleaves have been sent on three trips to Malawi where thousands of people have heard the Gospel of Jesus, and many people have been trained to share their faith. Please keep the Church in Malawi in your prayers, as they are one of the poorest countries in the world and desperately need Bibles.

To support Malawi Missions, please send a check or money order to the Altar Church, 901 E Best CoeurD’Alene ID. 83814, and put “Malawi” in the subject line.

If you believe you are called to go on a mission to Malawi with Danny and Carissa, feel free to contact them at dannycleave@altarcdachurch.com.

Images from our Trips

Video from our Salima Trip