Dear Altar Church,


During the past week, your church board has been discussing and praying about the dilemma of complying with the guidance of health officials as well as our President, while still being open and available to our church body and the community.

Last night the board agreed on strategy that we believe will satisfy both.  First of all, our doors are always open to you if you need us! We feel that it is important that we continue to be a refuge that offers the love and hope of Christ to everyone. Many people are battling fear right now, so we have a beautiful opportunity to offer them Jesus. He is so faithful!

Secondly, we are so grateful that a couple of months ago, the Lord allowed us the provision of fiber optics for better streaming of our services! He knew in advance what we would need.

We are hearing that many of you have chosen to worship with us at home and be a part of our services via internet. We want you to know that we strongly support you in this, and for at least the next two weeks, we are encouraging everyone to pray about participating in this way.

If that is an option for you we encourage you to do so and would be happy to help you set that up by going to youtube and typing in “altarcdavideos” and going to our live stream.

You can also click on this link

We anticipate that this will greatly reduce the size of the congregation at the two Sunday services, so we will actually be more in compliance with health and welfare’s expectations of a responsible church community.


After much prayer, we feel this is the best way to adhere to current health guidelines while still being available to reach out to the lost, one soul at a time.

Thank you for your love, prayers and faith in these difficult times


The Altar