Adulting 101

Tuesday’s 2:30 PM at the Altar


Amanda Librande (208) 691-0017      Mentor/ How to Adult

The Lord has given me the passion for being actively involved in raising up our youth that are schooled at home. The focus for our group is building community anatomy, relationships and independence while learning life skills in a biblically founded setting. We will learn and practice inter/intro personal communication, everyday living and self-development in a fun interactive way.

Olivia McNeil (208) 964-6802           Mentor/ How to Adult

I found my teen years to be some of the hardest years of my life. Divorced parents, anxiety, depression and being hospitalized for an eating disorder led me to Jesus Christ. I’m passionate about sharing God’s truth to help, encourage and give hope to other teen girls and women through turbulent times in their life. I am available for one on one mentoring.