Is the Theory of Evolution True?

Much like the Big Bang theory, most people have been told the lie that we were created from nothing and evolved into complex human beings through millions of years due to a process called evolution.

Though not the founder of this lie, Charles Darwin is commonly called the father of evolution.  This is primarily because of his now famous books, “The Origins of Species” and the “Descent of Man.” Charles Darwin was not always an enemy of God and a denier of supernatural design.  Darwin was once an Anglican theologian and promoter of biblical creation, before he denied his faith. Darwin began listening to the uniformitarian geology teachings of a man named who rejected the Biblical account of a young earth. These teachings of course contradicted the Bible, and when Charles Darwin’s daughter died tragically at the age of ten, Darwin no longer believed that a good God could create such a bad world. This inevitably lead Darwin to believe that we were not created by a loving God, but rather we evolved from a single cell organism with no real purpose other than survival.

Today, Darwin is a hero in much of the scientific community, and his theory has been passed down to millions of people, many of who have been terribly deceived.

So, is there any scientific proof for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? To answer that, we must first understand what qualifies something as science in the first place. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of science is; “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.” In other words, for it to be scientific it must be both observable and reproducible.  This of course poses a big problem for proponents of Darwinian evolution as they state it takes millions of years for this evolutionary process to take place, thus making it NOT observable or reproducible.

This however is not the only scientific problem with Darwinian evolution. Darwinian evolution (also known as Macro Evolution) basically states that a “kind” can evolve into another “kind,” for instance a monkey can evolve into a human. This may seem somewhat possible due to the fact that we do have some similarities to a monkey, but it has not only never been proven scientifically, it has actually been DISPROVEN scientifically. You see, all living creatures have what is called a DNA code barrier. This barrier allows for kinds to produce varying kinds (Tigers, panthers, leopards etc) but stops them from ever producing another kind. (This barrier allows a kind to produce only similar kinds, for example a tiger can’t produce a wolf, cow monkey etc.)

Darwinian evolution also tells us that all life is getting better and better (evolving from a cell to a human) because there is new and better information being added to our DNA. This too has been proven scientifically wrong as all observable micro adaptations have been the result of the loss of their starting genetic information and there is NO viable example of nature ever adding new and beneficial information to the genetic code.

Lastly, in order for Darwin’s theory of evolution to be true, there would literally be millions and millions of transitional forms (missing links) that show the process of fish evolving into giraffes and monkeys changing into men. To date however there has not been one discovery of any missing links.  There are countless numbers of men and monkey remains, but nothing in between.  That is because they don’t exist.

A growing number of secular scientist are beginning to seek new theories for how we came to be to replace Darwin’s theory because it does not hold up to scientific scrutiny.  The sad part is they refuse to accept the Genesis account of Creation, because that would mean they are responsible to God.

The fact is, there has never been and will never be any scientific proof that Darwinian evolution is true. If you would like to watch an excellent video on how easily this is proven, we highly recommend this video from called Evolution Vs. God.

Here is the truth: You are not an accident! Our world did not come about as a cosmic coincidence, and you certainly are of greater value than a single cell in a puddle of mud. The Bible tells us in the beginning of time, God created the universe and everything in it with an intentional purpose to glorify Him. Everything that God created He said was very good.  That includes you! You have a purpose. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” And God has a great plan for your life.  However the problem is that sin has separated us from God, and our punishment for sin will be eternal damnation in hell (Romans 3:23Romans 6:23). According to Numbers 14:18 God is a just judge and He will by no means acquit the guilty (that is not good news for us). The good news is that God does not want to punish you for your sins, so He sent His only begotten Son Jesus, Who was willingly punished in your place! Jesus was punished so you don’t have to be. If we accept Jesus as the payment for our sins, God will forgive us and grant us the gift of eternal life with Him! For more information on this, please check out the article What is the Gospel?.

Here are two videos from our apologetics series that deal with this topic.

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